- An online reference that allows you to examine up to 8 colors simultaneously.

- VisiBone swatches are used in many popular programs, Including Photoshop, Canvas, Paint Shop Pro, and Flash MX. Make certain yours has the latest and greatest.

- This poster is an invaluable tool if you're a web designer. If you're not, it looks great hanging on the wall. How many good tools can make that claim?

- Just when you think your reference library is complete! Everything you need in one 8.5 x 11 inch book.
- 30 to 50% bigger print and 16 pages!

VisiBone is da bomb!

(Note from Doug: Other than telling you about a GREAT set of products, I have no ulterior motives for my support of VisiBone. They don't pay an advertising fee for this page, or the messages contained herein. I just think that they provide a wonderful set of products. Spread the word!)