I thought I had better update the general public on the 'State of Doug', given that my last dated entry was over ten and a half years ago. All I can say about that is 'Damn MobileMe!'. Back when Apple switched from dotMac to MobileMe, I got a note say that I would no longer be able to update my site. I imagine it was due to belt-tightening associated with the switch. I never questioned it, and actually discovered it was possible again when I got my new copy of RapidWeaver ( This is a kick-ass site builder, and I am sure it has limitations, but I haven't found them yet. One thing it needs is PHP for the 'Contact' sheet. MobileMe does not support PHP, but I found a great hosting company that does. ( So, I created a new domain to honor my late father, [Note: The Origin of Jakesan - My father lived in Japan for a number of years. While there, his company provided him a Japanese driver. The poor drivers tried to address him formally as 'Jacobson-san'. Dad noticed the difficulty they had wrapping their tongues around 'Jacobson-san', so he shortened it to 'Jake-san'. I love and miss you, Dad...].

OK, let's start my story on February 13, 2009. (You know, the day before Valentine's Day?) My wife of 25 years, fed me dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and told me she wanted a divorce, that "it was her turn to have fun." I have heard ALS called many things, but never "fun". My partner in fighting this bitch of a disease, my Dad, got busy and found me a place to live in Longview, Texas. At the end of April, he and Dennis (my brother-in-law) moved me and my worldly possessions, my TV, an entertainment center, a hat rack and my computer to the nursing home.

I have hypertensive most of my adult life. I continued taking the 2 medications for high blood pressure, and two diuretics after entering the nursing home. Then one night after dinner, I started seeing spots in my eyes. The ambulance was called, and none of the four EMTs could get a blood pressure reading. By the time I got to the hospital, it had risen to 40/20. That was the last I have seen of my hypertension medication. My blood pressure today is 110/70 unmedicated. Who says there are no unseen benefits to getting divorced? LOL!

OK, let's rewind a bit...well, alright...a lot. Back in 1979 I graduated from Iowa State University, and lived Des Moines, Iowa for a couple of years. Then, in 1981, I was accepted in the accelerated MBA program at the Carlson Business School at the University of Minnesota. After graduating, I went to work for an oil company in Houston, Texas. Growing up in Illinois, going to school in Iowa, living in Iowa...I consider Iowa home. That may help explain why I moved in April 2010 from Houston (population about 2.3 million) to Oelwein, Iowa (population 6,692). Or maybe doesn't really matter. I would equate moving back to Iowa with the birth of each my three sons. Each event made me feel complete.

So, here I am in Iowa. I will try to keep more reminders to y'all that I am still alive and kicking. Watch my Moving Blog. My sister thought I was nuts for moving back to Iowa. I may confirm that prognosis with my latest project: I want to move out of the nursing home into a condo. Am I nuts? Maybe, but I am having a ball!