The Search Begins

Well, the day before yesterday will go down as one of the best days in my life. Deb picked me up at a little after 9, and we headed for Cedar Rapids. We picked Lyndsay up in Center Point, and headed to the first of 4 condos. It was way south of Cedar Rapids, literally WAY out in the sticks. It was still in the framing stage, and was very small. No one was impressed.

I think we looked at another condo then...I get confused because none of them were handicapped accessible. So I sat in the sun, while Lyndsay and Deb looked. The third unit was interesting. I again was relegated to the sun, but both Deb and Lyndsay were beaming when they came out. Huge smiles said to me 'This may be a possibility'. Then we went to a fourth unit, which was nice, but not a clear winner. We discussed our options, and decided that I needed to see the interior of the third condo. Then we went to Menard's, a store I am going to spend a lot of time in. We ended up buying a couple of 6-foot ramp frames, and two 6-foot 1"x12"s. Not exactly ADA compliant, but they worked beautifully. And then I understood why my companions beamed. The condo had a finished basement with a sliding glass door. I would be able to access the entire house! And without rolling/bouncing down the stairs.

I spent yesterday considering my options... Should I buy something that I found on my first day of looking? Or be sensible and wait for a better, more suitable unit? I called my bank this morning...