iChat with Kim & Mom

Kim and I talked earlier in the week, and i let it have it with both barrels because she did not respond to my e-mail saying how happy I was about my condo search. Little did I know that some nutcase was shooting up the University of Texas with an AK-47. UT is where my niece Colby attends...and thankfully there was a happy ending for us. Mom saw my tattoo for the first time, and wanted the story behind it (it is of the Phoenix and Phi Alpha, deeply meaningful to my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and to me personally).

After that was finished, I showed them pictures of the condo I am thinking about buying. Kim still thinks I should be committed, but asked me what I wanted for a house-warming gift. I jokingly told her a couch, and we all laughed. (My divorce last year left me with a TV, entertainment center, and a hat rack/coat tree. My sister, the lawyer, recommended that I read all papers before signing them. Excellent advice for big brother. And it seems that carried with it implicit approval for my actions. Mom and Kim...I love you a lot!!!