Sep 2010

The Search Begins

Well, the day before yesterday will go down as one of the best days in my life. Deb picked me up at a little after 9, and we headed for Cedar Rapids. We picked Lyndsay up in Center Point, and headed to the first of 4 condos. It was way south of Cedar Rapids, literally WAY out in the sticks. It was still in the framing stage, and was very small. No one was impressed.

I think we looked at another condo then...I get confused because none of them were handicapped accessible. So I sat in the sun, while Lyndsay and Deb looked. The third unit was interesting. I again was relegated to the sun, but both Deb and Lyndsay were beaming when they came out. Huge smiles said to me 'This may be a possibility'. Then we went to a fourth unit, which was nice, but not a clear winner. We discussed our options, and decided that I needed to see the interior of the third condo. Then we went to Menard's, a store I am going to spend a lot of time in. We ended up buying a couple of 6-foot ramp frames, and two 6-foot 1"x12"s. Not exactly ADA compliant, but they worked beautifully. And then I understood why my companions beamed. The condo had a finished basement with a sliding glass door. I would be able to access the entire house! And without rolling/bouncing down the stairs.

I spent yesterday considering my options... Should I buy something that I found on my first day of looking? Or be sensible and wait for a better, more suitable unit? I called my bank this morning...

Off We Go!

Well, I finally have an appointment to see condos in Cedar Rapids next Monday. No ride yet, but an appointment I figure some kind soul in the next week will free up their schedule. If not, I suppose I can head down the road in my wheelchair. Nah...I’m not that I?


Why don’t realtors listen to their clients? I was very specific as to what I wanted...a condominium located in Cedar Rapids. Why in hell am I getting listings for houses? OK, I get that I might, in someone’s reality, be talked into spending $40,000 more for a house...NOT! But in Iowa City? WTF? Is English your second language? What about ‘I am in a wheelchair and don’t want to mess with a yard.’ is unclear?

Am I nuts or what?

This is the first of what I hope to be a journal chronicling my current project...moving out of the nursing home and into a condo. For most people, this is not a big deal. Couple of things to keep in mind...I have ALS for almost 20 years; I am in a wheelchair; and I use a ventilator to breathe. My sister is a lawyer in Houston. She thinks I am certifiable. And she might be corre... Hold it! ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY NOT!!! I want my own place. I want a place where I can have my stuff. I want a place where I can accumulate possessions. And I have lots of things to accumulate. You see, last year my wife of 25 years, divorced me, saying it was her turn to have fun. ALS is many things, but fun is not on the list. Out of the divorce, I got my entertainment center, my TV, my computer, and a hat rack. I have lots of stuff to accumulate. ;-)